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Iron-Me Bead Jewellery

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  • Step 1Think about the shape of your design before you begin. The shape of your design will determine whether you use a square or round peg board.
  • When creating your design leave one bead out to create a hole in your design. This hole can be used to thread a length of yarn and turn your shape into a beautiful piece of jewellery.
  • Step 3Create a design on the appropriate peg board by carefully placing the Iron-Me Beads on individual pegs. Look to our designs for inspiration or come up with your own.
  • Step 4Once you are happy with your design, place a piece of baking paper over the top of it and iron your shape until the beads melt together. Allow to cool. Adult assistance required.
  • Step 5Peel off the baking paper, flip your shape and cover with baking paper to iron the reverse side together.
  • Step 6Cut a long length of yarn and thread it through the hole in your shape. Tie the ends to secure and turn your fruit shape into a necklace. Try and create lots of different types of fruit shapes and turn them into