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Earth Day Clay Medallion

Connect with the environment around you as you work with clay and natural objects to create a beautiful medallion.
  • Step 1Go out into nature and find a collection of objects that can make an imprint into clay. Think about the different textures and shapes the objects will make. Only take what you need and be mindful when collecting natural objects to make as little impact on the plants and environment as possible.
  • Step 2Take 100g of clay and roll into a ball. Squash the ball flat and begin to shape it into a round disc shape approximately 9cm in diameter.
  • You may also wish to create a hole in the top of your medallion for hanging!
  • Step 3Take your chosen natural object, arrange it on top of the clay disc and press it down firmly. Make sure every part of the object gets pushed into the clay for a full imprint. Remove the object and place to the side - this can be re-used later for painting experiments or a drawing study!
  • Step 4Use the alphabet stamper to stamp ‘Earth Day’ into the medallion. Allow the clay to dry completely.
  • Step 5Once the clay is dry, take some ink and apply a few drops of colour over the surface. We have chosen yellow and blue but you could experiment with different colour combinations. Use a damp sponge to wipe over the surface of the clay, blending the inks and covering the surface completely. Allow to dry.
  • Step 6Protect your design by adding CleverPatch™ Gloss Finish. Brush the Gloss Finish across the surface making sure to get right into the stamped areas. Apply a second coat once the first coat has dried completely. Once the Gloss Finish has dried, your beautiful Earth Day Medallion is ready to display!

Materials used in this activity

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