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Hieroglyph Cartouche

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Create your own Cartouche and use hieroglyphs to write your name like the ancient Egyptians did!   

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  • Step 1Mould your piece of clay into a long oval shape around 8cm in length.
  • Step 2To create a smooth surface dampen your fingers with water and spread it over the clay.
  • Step 3Use a small rounded object to pierce a hole in the top of your cartouche. Leave overnight to dry.
  • Step 4Paint your Cartouche gold. Allow to dry.
  • Step 5Download the template provided and use a permanent pen to write your name in hieroglyphs on the front of your Cartouche.
  • Step 6Cut a 45cm piece of imitation leather and thread through the hole you created. Tie both ends together into a knot.

Materials used in this activity

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