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Get ready to create your next modelling or mosaic masterpiece with these marvelous ideas!

Hot Air Balloon

Get ready to go on an amazing adventure and discover new worlds! This colourful hot air balloon looks good enough to eat so be careful as you make it!

  • Step 1Blow up a balloon about three quarters full and then tie a knot in the end.
  • Sit the balloon in a pot or container to keep it steady while you cover it in mod rock.
  • Step 3Cut strips of mod rock and dip them one at a time into a container of water. Squeeze excess water off the strip before putting it onto your balloon.
  • Step 4Continue to add strips of mod rock to your balloon until it is completely covered and has at least two layers. Allow to dry for 48 hours.
  • Step 5Once the mod rock is completely dry you can pop the balloon that is inside and pull it out.
  • Step 6Using mod podge, cover the balloon with confetti pieces. Apply mod podge underneath and over the top of the confetti. Once the balloon is completely covered. Allow to dry.
  • Step 7Using the template provided, cut out the basket from strong card.
  • Step 8Using the dotted lines as a guide, bend the sides of the basket up.
  • Ask an adult to make a small sliced line with scissors along the dotted lines on the outside of the basket. This will allow the card to be bent more easily.
  • Step 10Push the basket sides together and then tape them in place.
  • Step 11Cut four pieces of brightly coloured ribbon about 15cm long and tape the ends to each corner of the basket on the inside.
  • Step 12Using the basket template, trace the shape onto coloured felt and cut it out.
  • Step 13Glue the felt basket piece onto the cardboard basket. Allow to dry.
  • Step 14Push a hole carefully through the top of the balloon and push two ends of a ribbon through it.
  • Step 15Tape the ribbon into place on the inside of the balloon.
  • Step 16Mark four evenly spaced spots on the inside edge of your balloon. Tape the ribbon ends inside the balloon onto each marked point. Be prepared to fly away to another world!

Materials used in this activity

Confetti - 15g Pack
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24 or more $1.64 (inc GST) $1.49 (ex GST)          
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