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Mod-Rock Polar Bears

It’s time to get messy and create your very own pair of bears! You can even personalise them using markers or paint. Perfect for accompanying the story ‘Rainbow Bear’ by Stephen Michael King!
  • Step 1Start by creating the Father bear. Use a toothpick to attach a 5cm decofoam ball on top of a 7cm decofoam ball. Align it so it sits just off centre - this will be the Father bear’s body.
  • Step 2Use another toothpick to attach a second 5cm decofoam ball to the first 5cm decofoam ball. Again align it just off centre so the balls start to create a curve almost. This will be the Father bear’s head.
  • Step 3Use scrap paper to loosely create some legs. These will stick out perpendicular from the 7cm ball at the bottom. Attach using masking tape.
  • Step 4Create arms in the same manner, attaching the scrap paper in place with masking tape so they rest in between the legs.
  • Step 5Prepare the Mod-Rock and have a bowl of warm water on hand. You will need approximately 2 metres of Mod-Rock cut into strips per Father Bear and 1.2 metres for the son.
  • Step 6Dip the strips of Mod-Rock into the water and begin to cover the bear. Wrap around the scrap paper to form the legs and then up and around the body.
  • Step 7Continue to wrap until the entire body is covered, making the finish as smooth as possible. When you get to the head, scrunch pieces of Mod-Rock and wrap in place on front of the decofoam ball to create a nose. Cut some smaller pieces, folding and pinching to create the ears. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8Use a black marker to draw on the polar bears face once dry.
  • Step 9Finally it’s time to decorate the bear! Use markers to draw patterns all over Father Bear - just like in ‘Rainbow Bear’!
  • Step 10To make the smaller son, start by joining a 3cm decofoam ball to a 5cm decofoam ball using a toothpick. Wrap the balls in Mod-Rock using the same process as before. You won’t need to use scrap paper for the little bears legs as you can just mould them straight from the Mod-Rock.
  • Step 11Allow to dry completely then draw on a face to complete your pair of bears!

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