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Scene in a Jar

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Let your imagination run wild! Would you like to sail the seven seas? Frolick with the fairies? Make mischeif with the monsters? Bring your dreams to life with CleverClay™ and capture a scene in a jar!

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  • Step 1Plan your scene - what colours will you need how big does the boat need to be to fit in the jar, will there be elements that stick on the sides of the jar.
  • Step 2Start by working the blue clay into the bottom of the jar and up the sides to create the ocean. Add an island and a bright, shining sun.
  • Step 3Mould a ship complete with mast and sail, making sure it is small enough to fit into the jar.
  • Step 4Sculpt a mini pirate and place them in the ship.
  • Step 5Position your ship carefully into the jar and you are now ready to sail the seven seas!

Materials used in this activity

Glass Mason Mug
Product Code: 16130 400ml
EACH $3.85 (inc GST) $3.50 (ex GST)
24 to 95 $3.30 (inc GST) $3.00 (ex GST) 96 or more $1.93 (inc GST) $1.75 (ex GST)
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Product Code: 16700 Set of 6 Colours
EACH $26.33 (inc GST) $23.94 (ex GST)
5 or more $19.73 (inc GST) $17.94 (ex GST)          
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