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Painting and printing are great activities for creative development and fine motor skills. Here's some inspiration for your next painting activity!

Dotty Diffusing Flowers

Make it Spring all year round with these Dotty Diffusing Flowers! An easy craft for all ages, these beautiful flowers can be created using easy painters, diffusing paper and chenille stems. A delightfully dotty project that Yayoi Kusama would be proud of!
  • Step 1Choose your first colour of easy painter. Take a sheet of diffusing paper and begin to press dots all over the surface of the page. Choose a second colour and continue to add dots.
  • Diffusing paper is quite thin - we recommend you work on top of a scrap piece of paper or splash mat to protect your work surface.
  • Step 2Continue dotting the diffusing paper with as many different colours as you wish until the sheet is mostly covered. You will notice the coloured dots that touch will bleed into each other slightly to create a nice effect. Create at least 3 sheets of diffusing paper in this way, using different colour combinations to achieve different effects!
  • Step 3Lay the sheets on top of each other and fold them using an accordion fold.
  • Step 4Take a chenille stem and wrap one end around the centre of the folded paper. Twist the chenille stem around itself to secure.
  • Step 5Hold the chenille stem and on one side, carefully begin to lift and pull the first layer of paper upwards, separating it from the layers below. Repeat on the other side.
  • Step 6Carefully lift and pull the next paper layer upwards in the same manner, followed by the third. Shape the layers with your hands to create a flower. Your Dotty Diffusing Flower is now ready to display!

Materials used in this activity

Chenille Stems - Bright - Pack of 100
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5 or more $5.38 (inc GST) $4.89 (ex GST)          
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CleverPatch Easy Painters - Pack of 8
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Colour Diffusing Paper - 23 x 30cm - Pack of 50
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