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Painting and printing are great activities for creative development and fine motor skills. Here's some inspiration for your next painting activity!

String Pull Art

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Create beautiful organic designs using this simple string pull technique with your watercolours! Experiment with colours, pressure and string weights and lengths to create a variety of unique artworks perfect for framing.

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  • Step 2Cut some lengths of embroidery thread. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. You can experiment with long and short lengths to create different effects.
  • Step 3Pour some liquid watercolours into the paint tray ready to use. Lower a piece of thread into the first chosen colour, making sure you leave one end out so you can hold onto it. Be sure the thread within the container is fully submerged and soaking in the watercolour.
  • Step 4Holding the dry end of the thread, pull it out of the watercolour and lower it onto the inside page of the folded piece of paper. Create random loops and swirls as you place it down and make sure the dry end sticks out the bottom of the paper.
  • Step 5Close over the piece of paper.
  • Step 6Place a heavy book or catalogue on top of the closed paper with the thread inside. Make sure you can still reach the thread hanging out the bottom of the paper.
  • Step 7Get a good grip on the thread that is hanging out and quickly pull it out from between the paper. The weight of the book will press the watercolour onto the paper as the thread is pulled out, resulting in a beautiful mirrored image.
  • Step 8Experiment with other colours, different lengths of string, types of paper or even try adding more or less pressure to the paper as you pull out the thread to see what amazing patterns emerge!
  • Step 9Once your artworks are dry you can cut them up to create a card or simply frame them. You could even add to your designs using a permanent pen!
  • Step 1Fold your piece of paper in half. You could even cut it in half again if you wanted to make smaller artworks. It can be any size so long as it’s a folded piece of paper.

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