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Cardboard Cylinder House

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Such a cute little house! This would look perfect in an indoor pot plant as a little fairy house. You could even make some little fairies to live there!

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  • Step 1Paint your cardboard cylinder a bright colour and then set it aside to dry.
  • To make a taller house, tape 2 cylinders together.
  • Step 3To create your roof, cut out a circle in yellow card. Cut a straight line from the edge into the centre of the circle. Our circle measures 12cm in diameter.
  • Step 4Overlap the circle where you made the cut to create a cone shape. Tape into place once you are happy with the size of your roof.
  • Step 5Decorate your roof with a marker.
  • Step 6Use a marker to draw windows and a door onto a piece of cover paper. Cut them out and attach to your cute fairy house with glue. Allow to dry.

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