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CleverPatch™ Crafternoons - Rainbow Heart Bunting

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Why are there so many songs about rainbows…?
Put a smile on someone’s face and spread some joy to those around you with this bright and beautiful Rainbow Heart Bunting!
  • Step 1Choose 6 colours of cardboard and use a ruler and pencil to divide each piece into 7 x 3cm wide strips running lengthways down the page. Carefully cut each of the strips using scissors. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Keep one strip of each colour and move the rest to the side.
  • If you only have white paper simply get out your markers, pencils or paint and start decorating! Don’t forget to decorate both sides and allow to dry if needed.
  • Step 2Fold each strip in half by bringing the short ends to meet and creasing in the middle. Keep 2 of the folded strips as is. Take 1 of the remaining 4 strips and cut 2cm from the top and open end. Cut 4cm from the next strip, 6cm from the next and 7.5cm from the final strip.
  • Move the trimmed ends to the side but don’t throw out as we will use them in a later step.
  • Step 3Take one of the original strips and nest the 4 trimmed strips inside, arranging from largest to smallest.
  • Step 4Unfold the remaining original strip and use a glue stick to glue it together. Tuck it into the centre of the nested strips.
  • Step 5Fold the strips closed and use a staple to hold them together at the base. Be sure not to staple too low as you want to make sure it goes through all of the layers.
  • Step 6Starting from the outside strip on one side, gather each strip aligning the ends as you work your way inwards. Stop when you reach the shortest strip. Hold them tightly so they don’t slip out and then staple in place.
  • Step 7Repeat step 6 with the strips on the opposite side. Bend the stapled ends in and down the centre strip to create a heart shape. When you are happy with the shape, use small pieces of tape to hold the ends in place on the centre strip.
  • Step 8Trim the top of the centre strip and then punch a hole so it is ready to hang. Use this same method to make more hearts for your bunting.
  • Don’t forget to keep the trimmed piece from the centre strip with your other trimmings!
  • Step 9Take all of your trimmed pieces. You may wish to cut some of the longer ones in halves or thirds depending on how big they are. Punch a hole in each of the pieces - these will be used to create extra rainbow brightness to our bunting!
  • Step 10Cut a length of soft wool yarn long enough to go across your window or where you wish to hang your bunting. Thread a heart, followed by some colourful trimmed pieces and then another heart, then so on and so forth until the piece of yarn is full. Your Rainbow Heart Bunting is now ready for hanging!

Materials used in this activity

Student Scissors - Pack of 20
Product Code: 10897
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2 or more $32.99 (inc GST) $29.99 (ex GST)          
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Product Code: 11312
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Plastic Ruler - 30cm
Product Code: 12295
EACH $1.32 (inc GST) $1.20 (ex GST)
30 or more $0.99 (inc GST) $0.90 (ex GST)          
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CleverPatch Glue Stick - 40g
Product Code: 13974
EACH $3.08 (inc GST) $2.80 (ex GST)
10 to 49 $2.53 (inc GST) $2.30 (ex GST) 50 or more $1.98 (inc GST) $1.80 (ex GST)
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CleverPatch Cardboard - Assorted Colours - A4 - Pack of 100
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6 or more $11.54 (inc GST) $10.49 (ex GST)          
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Faber-Castell Junior Grip 2B Pencils - Pack of 50
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Clear Sticky Tape - 18mm x 66m
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Plier Hand Stapler - Each
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Hole Punch - Each
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