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Curly Twirly Tree

Celebrate National Tree Day by creating your very own Curly Twirly Tree! This fun activity only requires paper, scissors and a glue stick – how easy is that?! This is a great activity for groups as once your individual trees are finished, you can display them all together to create a fantastic forest!
  • Step 1Take a single sheet of cover paper – this will be the background on which you will build your tree.
  • Step 2Take a second sheet of cover paper in a different colour and use scissors to carefully cut it into strips. Be sure to cut down the length of the sheet to create the longest strips possible. Cut varying widths of strips as well – these are going to become the trunk and branches of the tree. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 3Cut one of your thicker strips in half along the long edge. Glue onto your background sheet of paper to create a trunk as shown. Keep the other half of the strip to the side for use in the next step.
  • Step 4Take the rest of your strips and fan them out from the top of the trunk. Glue each one in place, making sure you only stick the tip of the strip down where it meets the trunk. Glue the half strip that was put aside in step 3 on top of the trunk, to hold the strips in place. Allow to dry.
  • Step 5Being careful not to pull your strips from the tree trunk, take a branch strip and twirl it around a few times so it is now a curled strip. Glue the end of the strip down onto the background sheet so it is curling up off the page. Continue to do this to each of the branch strips until every branch is curled and the ends glued down.
  • Step 6Finish your tree by cutting leaf shapes from another colour of cover paper. You may like to draw your leaves onto the paper with a pencil before cutting them out. Once you have your leaves, glue them to your branches and allow to dry.
  • Step 7Your Curly Twirly Tree is now ready to display! You can either display your tree individually or if you are working in a group, put all of the trees together to create a forest!

Materials used in this activity

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