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Dear Soldier Envelope Making

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Create your own envelope and stamp to write a letter to a soldier.

Search terms: commemoration, remembrance day, commemorate.

  • To get started, download the template above. Print out the template onto brown and grey cover paper.
  • Step 1Carefully cut out around the solid line on your template.
  • Step 2Fold the 2 side flaps along the dotted lines.
  • Step 3Fold the bottom rectangle along the dotted line. Attach to the 2 side flaps with glue.
  • Step 4Fold the top triangle along the dotted line. This becomes the top flap of your envelope.
  • Step 5Create a stamp for your envelope. Cut out a small rectangle (4cm x 5cm) from white paper.
  • Step 6Cut a bevelled edge on your stamp.
  • Step 7Use a black marker to draw a slightly smaller rectangle within the stamp shape. You can also draw a price on the stamp to make it look more realistic.
  • Step 8Draw a little colourful picture in your stamp and stick it to your envelope with glue.
  • Step 9Address the front of your envelope and cut and tie a length of baker’s twine around the envelope to complete.
  • Now that you have an addressed and stamped envelope, you can write a letter to a soldier and pop it inside.

Materials used in this activity

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