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Graduation Chatterbox

Celebrate the end of the year with your very own Graduation Chatterbox! Fill in the blanks on the chatterbox template and then have fun testing your friends with questions about the year.
  • Step 1Download and print out the template provided. It’s recommended you print onto cover paper as this provides a really nice surface for decorating.
  • Step 2Write your name in square 1 – you may wish to do this in bubble writing so that you can colour it in!
  • Step 3Add in the year below ‘CLASS OF’ in square 2. This will be your graduation year, not the grade you are in e.g. 2022.
  • Step 4Write the name of your school in square 4.
  • Step 5Fill in the Q & A’s using a permanent pen. Write a question in each Q triangle and the answer in the A triangle below it. Think about things that have happened throughout the year or fun facts you can test your friends on. Examples include things like: What was my favourite subject this year? What sport am I best at? What were the names of this year’s 3rd grade teachers?
  • Step 6Decorate your chatterbox using markers or pencils and then carefully cut out around the outside dotted line. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • See a video guide on how to fold your chatterbox here!
  • Step 7Start with your design facing down. Fold the square in half corner to corner, making a triangle, then open it back out and repeat with the opposite corners.
  • Step 8Fold each of the corners into the centre point to create a smaller square.
  • Step 9Flip the square over to the opposite side.
  • Step 10Fold each of the corners into the centre to create another smaller square.
  • Step 11Fold the square in half to make a rectangle. Unfold back to the square, spin 90 degrees and fold in half again to create a rectangle.
  • Step 12Now the folds have been made, hold the rectangle with your left hand and slide your right thumb and pointer finger up and underneath the two flaps on the right side. Wiggle your fingers and the paper should bend inwards.
  • Step 13Do the same thing with your left hand on the left-hand side of the rectangle. Your Graduation Chatterbox is now ready to use!

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