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Laughing Frog Card

Let’s make a Laughing Frog Card! This craft is perfect to pair with ‘Snap!’ by Anna Walker or the tale of Tiddalik the Frog from Indigenous Dreamtime Stories.

  • Step 1Download and print the template provided. We recommend printing onto cover paper for a sturdier project.
  • Step 2Colour in your frog template pieces using your favourite decorating materials, such as pencils or markers. Don’t forget to decorate the tongue!
  • Step 3Cut out around the outer, solid grey lines of both template pieces. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 4Mountain fold your frog template in half along the fold line. Cut along the solid grey line of the frog’s mouth to create a slit.
  • Step 5Fold the triangular flaps outwards along the fold lines, then unfold. Flip over your paper to fold the triangle flaps back the other way, then unfold.
  • Step 6Unfold your paper and flip it over to the undecorated side. Push the triangular flaps inwards to make a laughing mouth shape. Flip again so your design is facing up and valley fold to close the card and strengthen the creases.
  • Step 7Fold your red paper in half lengthwise to create a crease, then unfold. Apply glue to the back edges of your template and secure to the middle of the red paper, aligning the creases. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8Cut the red paper around your frog. Glue the tongue to the inside of the mouth. Allow to dry.
  • Roll the tongue template piece around a pencil to create a curved effect!
  • Step 9Your Frog Card is now ready to start laughing! Open and close the card to see your frog giggle.

Materials used in this activity

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