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Mathematical Origami

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Origami is an ancient Japanese form of paper folding or sculpting. It’s also a great way to introduce children to geometric construction. Depending on the age of the child and their prior knowledge, you can begin conversations about angles, symmetry, pattern, bisecting lines and even tessellation!

Origami can be created from any type of paper, however we have found the thinner, the better. Thinner paper allows for crispier folds, especially when you have to fold a piece of paper again and again. We recommend our CleverPatch™ Copy Paper – Brights for the most vibrant results!

Economy Origami Paper is another option with pre-cut squares.
  • Step 1You can create origami from any type of paper, try using our origami paper which is already square and a nice thin GSM, or use our CleverPatchâ„¢ Copy Paper. Although there are some designs that can be created with A4 paper, you will most likely have to trim your paper into a square.
  • Step 2To do so, fold one corner over to the edge.
  • Step 3Trim the paper that hangs over the side. When you unfold the paper you will have a square – it's that simple!
  • Step 4Experiment with the different shapes you can create by folding your square in different ways.?Do some research online to find some origami instructions. We're not going to pretend we are the origami masters, there are loads of amazing instructional videos. This way you can find an activity to suit your level of difficulty.

Materials used in this activity

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