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Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Get ready for Book Week 2022 with an Origami Butterfly Bookmark inspired by the theme ‘Dreaming With Eyes Open…’! Use this colourful corner bookmark to mark your place when reading this year’s Book of the Year nominees.

  • Step 1Download and print out the template provided onto white copy paper.
  • Step 2Cut out the template and fold along the dotted line so the printed side is facing out. Glue the paper together and allow to dry.
  • Step 3Place the rectangle flat on your work surface so the two printed triangles are facing up. Valley fold the rectangle in half along the long edge.
  • Step 4Open the fold then valley fold in half along the short edge.
  • Step 5Rotate so the creased edge is at the top. Fold the top left and right corners down to align with the crease in the centre. Fold the two triangles back to the opposite side to create a crease and unfold.
  • Step 6Push the top left corner down to the middle crease to create a squash fold. Flip and repeat for the other side. The printed triangles will now be facing out.
  • Step 7Fold up along the edge of the printed triangles to overlap the folded triangle at the top. Fold back the other way to create a crease and unfold. Push and fold the printed triangles so they are tucked inside the paper.
  • Step 8Bring the bottom two corners up so that all printed wings are showing and align the printed areas. Push down to create a crease. You will now see a full butterfly!
  • Step 9Use markers to decorate your butterfly. Allow to dry.
  • Step 10Your Origami Butterfly Bookmark is now ready to use! Place the back triangle over a page in your book to use your bookmark.

Materials used in this activity

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