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Origami Lion Face

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ROOOOOAAAARRRRRR! Practice your folding skills with these super simple and cute origami lions.

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  • Step 1Place the square coloured side down and on an angle so it’s a diamond shape. Fold the bottom point to the top to create a triangle and then unfold.
  • Step 2Fold into a triangle again, this time from left to right and then unfold.
  • Step 3Fold the bottom tip up approximately 2cm.
  • Step 4Fold the outside points in towards the middle, creasing so the point is resting slightly above the horizontal middle line and approximately 1cm from the vertical middle line.
  • Step 5Flip the shape over so the coloured side is now facing up and the large point of the shape is at the bottom.
  • Step 6Fold the top of the shape down and crease approximately 1cm above the middle fold.
  • Use a small amount of blu-tack to hold the face and nose down if needed.
  • Step 8Use a permanent marker to draw in the lions face.
  • Step 9Your lovely lion is now complete! ROOOOOAAAARRRRRRR!!!!

Materials used in this activity

BRENEX Matt Paper Squares - 12.7cm - Pack of 360
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4 or more $6.59 (inc GST) $5.99 (ex GST)          
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Blu-Tack - 75g Pack
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10 to 59 $4.39 (inc GST) $3.99 (ex GST) 60 or more $3.29 (inc GST) $2.99 (ex GST)
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CleverPatch Glitter Glue - 35g - Pack of 24
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Fine Point Permanent Markers - Black - Pack of 4
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