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Paper Penguin Bracelet

Have a flipping good time as you create a Paper Penguin Bracelet to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day on the 20th of January 2022!

  • Step 1Download and print the template provided onto cover paper, as this provides a great surface for decorating. Decorate using markers, pencils or paint. Allow to dry if needed.
  • Step 2Carefully cut around each of the pieces. Cut along the solid lines on the long strip, including the lines extending into the strip (don’t cut all the way through though!). Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 3Fold the penguin piece in half, then open back out. Carefully cut down the crease you just created so the penguin is now in 2 halves.
  • Step 4Use a glue stick to attach the penguin pieces in place at either end of the strip. Be sure to attach them so the straight edge faces inwards and the decorated sides are all facing up as shown. You also want to make sure that the penguin pieces align. We achieved this by aligning the bottom of the beak to the top edge of the strip when gluing down. Allow to dry.
  • Step 5Your bracelet is now ready to wear! Flip the bracelet over so the plain side is facing up and then place your wrist on top. Pull the penguin pieces up and together on top of the wrist and slot together using the slits that you cut into the strip piece in step 2.
  • Step 6Your cute Paper Penguin Bracelet is now ready to show your friends and family!

Materials used in this activity

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