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Rolled Paper Heart

This beautiful heart would look wonderful on a card. You could even attach some string and make a lovely decoration.

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  • Step 1Cut a strip of craft paper 5 x 30cm.
  • Step 2Fold the strip in half lengthways and crease firmly.
  • Step 3Fold the strip in half again lengthways and crease firmly.
  • Step 4Fold the strip in half to create a V-shape.
  • Step 5Curve the ends of the strip around to create a heart shape and glue the ends together.
  • Peg the 2 ends together until the glue has dried.
  • Step 7Repeat the first 3 steps and then roll up the strip tightly and glue the end to itself. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8Create a bunch of the rolled strips, some smaller than others by adjusting the length of the paper you begin with.
  • Step 9Arrange the paper rolls inside the heart until you are happy with the design. Attach with glue and allow to dry.

Materials used in this activity

CleverPatch Junior PVA Glue - 250ml
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