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Dancing Astronaut

Do you think dancing would be easier or harder with no gravity?
We put an astronaut to the test with our fun paper folding activity!
  • Step 1Print out the template provided. We recommend printing onto cover paper as this provides a great surface for decorating. Decorate the template and cut it out along the dotted lines. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 2Flip the template so the decorated side is facing down. Fold the square in half diagonally, corner to corner, then unfold and fold the opposite diagonal.
  • Step 3Fold each corner to the centre and then unfold.
  • Step 4Fold the left side of the square in to the middle. Fold the top right side in to the middle then unfold both.
  • Step 5Fold the bottom and top edges into the middle and hold at the centre point with a finger.
  • Step 6Slide a finger in behind one of the flaps and crease down along the diagonal fold coming out from the centre point. Do the same on the opposite side. In doing this the top will fold down to create a trapeze shape as shown.
  • Step 7Turn the paper 180 degrees and use the same process to fold down the other side.
  • Step 8You should now see your astronaut! Flip each of the 4 points side to side and up and down to reveal the astronaut in a different position. Alternate the movements of the points and watch the astronaut dance!

Materials used in this activity

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