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The Treasure Box

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This idea is based on the book 'The Treasure Box' illustrated by Freya Blackwood, text by Margaret Wild shortlisted for Book Week 2014 Picture Book of the Year.

Experiment with collage, paint and paper to create an idyllic diorama scene. Recycle old and worn out book pages and sheet music or you could even photocopy some of your favourite book pages to use in the scene!

  • Paint the sky further down the page then you think is necessary so that there will be no white bits left after you have added your mountains.
  • Step 1Using the back of your diorama box as a template, cut out a piece of white card to create a background scene. Paint the sky onto it using blue watercolour paint. Allow to dry.
  • If you don’t have any old pages to cut up try printing some from the internet.
  • Step 2Cut out some mountain shapes using old book pages and music sheets. Arrange the sheets on your background. Attach with glue.
  • Trace your objects onto the book pages and music paper so it will be easier to cut out an exact match.
  • Step 3Glue your background scene onto the back wall inside the diorama box.
  • Step 4Choose about three objects that will make up your scene. We have chosen a bike, a cat and a hand drawn tree. Decorate these objects using a range of watercolour paints and pieces of book pages. Allow to dry.
  • Step 5To make the stands for your objects, cut three pieces of white card approximately 4cm wide and the length of each object. Fold each piece in half lengthways. Add colour to your stands using paint.
  • Step 6Glue each object to their stand and make sure they stand up on their own.
  • Step 7Arrange the objects in the diorama until you are happy with your scene and then attach with glue. Close the sides of your box and your diorama is complete!

Materials used in this activity

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