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Winter Flip-Up Book

Create a fun flip-up book to keep Flippers the Penguin warm this winter!
  • Step 1Print out the template provided onto cover paper. This will provide a great surface for decorating.
  • Step 2Decorate your template. We have used pencils but you could use markers or paint as well. Allow to dry if needed.
  • Step 3Use scissors to cut out all the pieces of the template along the solid lines. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 4Take piece A and valley fold along the dotted lines. Leave it folded in half.
  • Step 5Lay piece B horizontal and decorated side down on the table and place piece A on top so that piece B is positioned approximately 2.5cm above the bottom of the rounded tab. Fold in the tabs sticking out either side and attach to the top flap of piece A using double sided tape. You will now be able to hold the edges and pull the tab to slide the paper up and down.
  • Step 6Use double sided tape to attach piece C over the top of where the tabs are now stuck. Align the top of piece C with the 1st fold of piece A.
  • Step 7Place a strip of double sided tape on piece A above piece C, in the gap between the next fold. Align piece D so it sits over the top of piece C and the top aligns with the next fold in piece A. Stick down in place.
  • Step 8Use the same process to attach piece E in place, followed by piece F above that.
  • Step 9Your flip-up book is now ready! Hold the book at the edge and pull the tab down to help Flippers the Penguin get dressed in his winter woolies!

Materials used in this activity

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