Papier Mache

Papier mache is a great craft product for a quick, simple and creative activity!

Treasure Chest and Gold

Avast me hearties! There be treasure ahead!
Create your very own shiny treasure chest and giant, personalised gold bullion!
  • Step 1Roll out approximately 150g of clay and create a circle approximately 10cm in diameter. Roll out an extra 50g of clay and create a skull and cross bones. Lay the skull and cross bones in the centre of the large circle and lightly press into place. This will be your giant gold bullion.
  • Step 2Use the stamper set to personalise your gold bullion.
  • Step 3Use the wooden scratch board tool to add any extra details you wish, then allow the gold bullion to dry.
  • Step 4While the clay is drying, cut pieces of the embossing foil to fit on each section of the treasure chest. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Also be aware that the edges of the embossing foil can be quite sharp. Decorate the foil using wooden scratch board tools.
  • Step 5Attach the pieces of foil to the papier mache treasure chest using glue dots. We left the rim of the lid plain and decorated this using bling trim in step 6.
  • Step 6Use glue dots to attach some bling trim and add an extra touch of sparkle to the chest!
  • Step 7Once the clay has dried, use gold paint to bring the gold bullion to life! You may need a couple of coats. We have left some of the clay showing to give a more rustic look. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8Now your gold is finished, it’s time to pop it into the treasure chest ready for the pirates to find!