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Hanging Macrame Glass Jar

Macrame is all the rage these days. All the kids are doing it. It's simple, effective and looks amazing. Once you have created your hanging jar you can fill it with anything you like. We turned ours into a terrarium style air plant holder!

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  • Step 1Cut 5 lengths of twine, 1.5metres long each.
  • Step 2Line the 5 lengths of twine up and fold them in half. Tie a knot at the centre to secure and create a hanger. This will become the top of your macrame creation.
  • Step 3Pair your twine in twos and tie knots about 15cm below the top knot.
  • Tape the top of your twine to a bench or table. This will make it simpler to follow your design.
  • Step 5Separate all of the strands of twine and re-pair them in twos with their neighbouring strand. Make sure you are creating a net-like pattern as shown in the picture. Knot the twine about 5cm below the knot above.
  • Step 6You will have two lonely end strands of twine. Knot these together as well. You will now have a round net.
  • Step 7If you place your jar inside the macrame you will find it easier to know which strands of twine to tie together. Continue tying knots 5cm lower than the last in a net-like pattern around your jar.
  • Step 8Once you are happy with the amount of knots covering the jar, group all of the twine under the jar and tie a knot to secure.

Materials used in this activity

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