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Shrink Your Name Fridge Magnet

Create a fridge magnet with your name to celebrate Book Week 2022. This activity is inspired by the book The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name by Sandhya Parappukkaran and Illustrated by Michelle Pereira.

You will also need an oven, oven tray and baking paper to complete this activity.

  • Step 1On a sheet of A4 paper or scrap paper, write your name in big letters. Try to use up the whole space. You may need to reduce the height or overlap letters if you have a longer name.
  • CleverTip: Shrink film has a matte and a gloss side. If you would like your design to be read from the glossy side, you will need to write your name so it is mirrored (each letter is flipped, and your name is written backwards). You may need to practice writing your name this way before you create your design.
  • Step 2Trace around the letters to make them thick and bold. Draw a border with rounded corners around your name. Fill in the letters with patterns, lines, and shapes.
  • Step 3Place a sheet of shrink film over your design, with the gloss side facing down. Trace your design onto the shrink film using coloured pencils for best results. Colour in your design using bright colours.
  • Step 4Cut out the shrink film along the border around your name. Be sure to cut smooth, curved edges. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 5Follow the instructions provided in your shrink film pack to bake and shrink your design. Allow to cool completely.
  • Step 6Trace around your shrink film shape onto a sheet of white paper. Cut out the shape and glue to the back of your design. This will create a solid backing to attach your magnets to. Allow to dry.
  • Step 7Cut two pieces from the self-adhesive magnet strip to fit on the back of your shrink film. Remove the paper backing and attach the magnets to the back of your design.
  • Step 8Your Shrink Fridge Magnet is now ready to display!

Materials used in this activity

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Strip - 1.9cm x 3m
Product Code: 10223
EACH $10.99 (inc GST) $9.99 (ex GST)
5 or more $8.79 (inc GST) $7.99 (ex GST)          
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CleverPatch Junior PVA Glue - 250ml
Product Code: 10364
EACH $5.49 (inc GST) $4.99 (ex GST)
36 or more $3.84 (inc GST) $3.49 (ex GST)          
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Product Code: 15518
EACH $3.84 (inc GST) $3.49 (ex GST)
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CleverPatch Cover Paper - White - A4 - Pack of 250
Product Code: 16142
EACH $21.99 (inc GST) $19.99 (ex GST)
8 or more $17.59 (inc GST) $15.99 (ex GST)          
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Shrink Plastic Film - A4 - Pack of 10
Product Code: 19009
EACH $25.29 (inc GST) $22.99 (ex GST)
6 to 11 $20.89 (inc GST) $18.99 (ex GST) 12 or more $17.59 (inc GST) $15.99 (ex GST)
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CleverPatch Coloured Pencils - Pack of 12
Product Code: 20770
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50 to 99 $4.39 (inc GST) $3.99 (ex GST) 100 or more $3.29 (inc GST) $2.99 (ex GST)
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