Scratch Board

Scratch the smooth scratch board surface and your drawings will appear in multicolour! Super easy to experiment with different designs and patterns and lots of fun!

Harmony Week Mural

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The competition theme for Harmony Week 2020 is 'Picture a World in Harmony'. We have created a great scratch art mural to help inspire you for your competition entries!
  • Step 1Decide with your group what you want your design to look like. Lay out 1 piece of Stained Glass Scratch Board per person. The number of pieces required depends on how many people are contributing.
  • Step 2Make sure the edges of the Scratch Board are aligned. Use a pencil to sketch a design onto the pieces to create one huge image.
  • Step 3Give everyone a piece of scratch board and allow them to trace the design, then add their own ideas to the scratch board. This will mean that each piece will still align but also have a personal touch.
  • Step 4Once each piece has been scratched, realign all of the pieces together to create the image.
  • Step 5Use Blu-Tack to attach each piece to a window in order. Now stand back and look at what you have created for the Harmony Week competition!

Materials used in this activity

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