Scratch Board

Scratch the smooth scratch board surface and your drawings will appear in multicolour! Super easy to experiment with different designs and patterns and lots of fun!

Scratch Board Solar System

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Celebrate World Space Week 2018 with our out of this world Scratch Board Solar System! Scratch each planet as you learn about it, label each planet and add in facts or simply take your time and create a galaxy masterpiece!

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  • Step 1Make sure every child has a Scratch Board Solar System Sheet and a Scratch Board Tool.
  • Step 2Start with the sun. We’ve scratched in a swirling detailed pattern to represent the hot, glowing gas that makes up the sun.
  • Step 3Next move onto the individual planets. Take your time and be sure to include the individual characteristics such as Earth’s countries and Jupiters Great Red Spot.
  • Step 4You can now add in other features of our solar system such as the asteroid belt.
  • Step 5Finish off your design by adding in stars, spaceships, UFO’s or anything else that you imagine to be out in space!

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