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How to Make a Tassel

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  • Step 1Cut your piece of cardboard to size - your cardboard should be a little wider than the length you would like your tassel to be.
  • Step 2Wind your yarn around the cardboard. Continue to wind your thread until you reach the desired thickness of your tassel.
  • Step 3To make the tassel hanger, thread a piece of yarn under the wrapped yarn at the top edge of the cardboard. Bring the hanger ends together to form a loop and tie a knot to secure it.
  • Step 4Carefully slip the wrapped yarn loops off the cardboard.
  • Step 5Tie another piece of yarn around the top third of the yarn loops to make “the head” of your tassel.
  • Step 6Cut the loops at the bottom to finish your tassel.

Materials used in this activity

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