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How to Sew a Back Stitch

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This handy stitch is great for sewing activities - especially embroidery!

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  • Step 1Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end. Push the needle up through the fabric, from the back of the frame, being sure to start 5mm from the end of where your design begins. Pull the thread tight.
  • Step 2Push the needle into the material back at the beginning of the design. Pull the needle down behind the material until the thread is tight.
  • Step 3This makes a straight stitch.
  • Step 4Push the needle up through the material from the back of the frame again, a little way from the first stitch.
  • Step 5Loop it back and push it down again at the end of the first stitch.
  • Step 6Pull the thread tight. Keep on stitching like this all the way around your design.
  • Step 7To finish sewing, push the needle through to the back of the frame. Stitch through the last thread creating a loop that you can then thread the needle back through. Pull tight.
  • Step 8Repeat this, then cut off the loose ends.

Materials used in this activity

Embroidery Thread - Set of 11 Colours
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EACH $36.18 (inc GST) $32.89 (ex GST)
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Sewing Needles - Sharp - Pack of 6
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Embroidery Frame - 20cm
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