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Foam Shark Pencil Holder

Dive into this fun foam craft and create your very own Foam Shark Pencil Holder!
  • Step 1Choose 3 foam sheets in different colours. We have chosen white and blue for the shark’s body and teeth and pink for the gums and base.
  • Step 2Take your first body foam sheet (ours is blue) and make a mark at 7.5cm along a short edge. Fold the sheet in half to join the two short edges together. Draw a diagonal line from the mark you created to the top point of the fold line. Cut through the two layers of foam along the line you have drawn. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Repeat this step for the other body foam sheet (ours is white).
  • Step 3Take one of your foam body sheets from the previous step (ours is white) and cut a 2cm strip from the bottom, long edge. You will use this strip to create teeth. Mark 1cm intervals on both sides of the long edge of this strip. Start to connect the 1cm intervals across the strip to create a zig-zag line as shown. Start in the bottom left corner and connect to the first interval from the top left corner, then down to the second interval along the bottom edge. Continue along the strip to create the zig-zag line.
  • Step 4Cut along the zig-zag line to create small triangles. These will be used to create teeth. Set them aside to use in a later step.
  • Step 5Take your final colour of foam sheet (ours is pink). Cut four 1 x 12cm strips from the foam. Cut the corners off to create curved ends. Glue the strips to the top of the diagonal edges on your body foam pieces. Make sure the strips of foam stick over the top of the body foam pieces. Hold together with clips or place a heavy object on top and allow to dry.
  • Step 6Glue five teeth onto each of the foam strips along the top of the body pieces. Allow to dry.
  • Step 7Flip your shorter foam body piece (ours is white) so that the teeth are at the back of the foam piece. Measure 7cm points in from the edges on both sides of this foam piece. Draw rough lines straight up from the points. Apply glue to the area from the left edge to the first line. Place the right edge of the other foam body piece (ours is blue) over the glued area. Ensure the teeth on the second foam body piece are also facing down, and the bottom edges of the pieces are aligned. Allow to dry completely.
  • Step 8Apply glue to the other side of the first foam body piece (ours is white), from the second line you created to the right edge of the piece. Wrap the two foam body pieces around to create a cylinder and join as shown. Use clips to keep in place until the glue has dried. Allow to dry completely.
  • Step 9Take the remainder of your final foam sheet (ours is pink) and cut out a 10cm square. Glue the square to the bottom of the cylinder to create a base. Press firmly and allow to dry.
  • Step 10Test your pencil holder’s strength by lifting it up and adding in a few pencils at a time. You may need to apply more glue and more pressure to ensure that it sticks properly!
  • Step 11Glue wiggle eyes on the higher side of your shark’s body. Your Foam Shark Pencil Holder is now ready to use!

Materials used in this activity

Foam Sheets - Large - Pack of 10
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