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Balsa Wood Bridge

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A great add on to any imaginative play with vehicles! Use those clever brains to create amazing bridges! How can you make the bridge stronger? Is it able to carry more weight if it's taller or longer? What do you think? Stretch your mind whilst building amazing structures!

  • Step 1Sketch out your design onto a piece of paper before you start to construct your bridge. Look to our design for inspiration, research other designs or come up with your own amazing ideas!
  • Step 2We used the large balsa blocks for the bridge pylons and underneath the road for support.
  • Step 3The thin planks were used for the base or “road” part of the bridge.
  • Step 4The thin sticks were used diagonally along the sides of the bridge for added structural support.
  • We used a hot glue gun to join our pieces together but you could also use PVA glue or clear gum.
  • Step 6Be creative and see what you come up with!