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Mini Cake Stand

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Shake up dinner time with this beautiful spice rack! Fill with all your favourite spices and display in one very handy location.

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  • Step 1Assemble your cake stand before decorating to ensure easy construction. For permanent assembly you will need to glue the pieces together.
  • Step 2Begin by giving your cake stand a coat of white paint. Allow to dry. This is not essential but provides a good base for painting.
  • Step 3You can create any cake stand design you like. Come up with your own design or look to ours for inspiration!
  • Step 4Sketch out your design onto a piece of paper before you start to decorate. Once you have a design, transfer it lightly onto your cake stand using a pencil. This is not essential, but helps with planning your design.
  • Step 5Paint your cake stand in bright colours. Allow to dry.
  • Step 6Thread a chenille stem through the hole in the top of your cake stand. Mould and twist your chenille stem into a heart shaped handle.
  • Step 7Fill your cake stand with cupcakes and watch them disappear right before your eyes! Yum, yum!