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Milky Watercolour Fireworks

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A fabulous activity to highlight colour dispersion and mixing. A great group experiment!

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  • Step 1Place your light panel onto the work surface.
  • It may be useful to place a splash mat under the work surface to catch any excess liquids.
  • Step 3Place your tray on top of your light panel and plug it into the power point. Turn your light panel on.
  • Make sure the cord is not a trip hazard.
  • Step 5Carefully pour a layer of milk into your tray making sure the entire surface is covered. We suggest about 2cm in depth.
  • Step 6Squeeze small amounts of watercolour onto the surface of the milk using your paint pipettes.
  • Step 7Dip a cotton tip into dishwashing liquid.
  • Put the dishwashing liquid into a small bowl first.
  • Step 9Dip the cotton tip onto the paint spots in the milk and watch the milky fireworks!

Materials used in this activity

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