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Sand Tray Pre-Writing Activity

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This is an excellent activity for developing prewriting skills. Drawing in sand also creates a wonderful sensory experience ideal for a variety of activities and age groups.

Search terms: light tray, reading and writing skills, sand play, tracing.

  • It may be useful to place a splash mat under the work surface to catch any excess sand.
  • Step 1Place your light panel onto the work surface.
  • Make sure the cord is not a trip hazard.
  • Step 2Place your tray on top of your light panel and plug it into the power point. Turn the light panel on.
  • Spread the sand out with your hands and then gently shake the tray from side to side for a smooth and even surface.
  • Step 3Pour a thin layer of sand into your tray. Make sure the whole surface is covered but not too thick. We suggest no more than 0.5cm deep.
  • Step 4Using fingers or cotton tips, draw shapes and patterns into the sand.
  • Step 5Create your flash cards, filling them with simple shapes. These are great for younger children. Or let them experiment with drawing their own.
  • Step 6You could even make it a game for older children. Choose a word and then have a child draw the image in the sand while the others guess what it is!

Materials used in this activity

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