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STEAM: Chemistry Balloon Blow

Set up a simple chemistry experiment and learn about chemical reactions using basic materials! This experiment is great for introducing children to acid and base chemical compounds and the reactions they can have when mixed. It’s also perfect for discussing gases and densities.

Please note: You will also need white vinegar and bi-carb soda to complete this activity.

  • Step 1Take a balloon and use a craft funnel to pour bi-carb soda inside. We have used 15g of bi-carb.
  • If the bi-carb soda gets stuck in the funnel, you can use a scratch board tool or skewer to break it up and help it down the funnel.
  • Step 2Pour vinegar into the empty paint bottle. We have filled it 2.5cm up from the bottom of the bottle.
  • Step 3Stretch the opening of the balloon over the top of the bottle, holding the filled balloon down the side of the bottle to ensure the bi-carb soda doesn’t fall into the bottle just yet.
  • Step 4Lift the balloon, dumping the bi-carb soda into the bottle. As it hits the vinegar, a gas will begin to form and blow up the balloon! You may need to use your hands to steady the bottle and balloon as it inflates.
  • What is happening? The vinegar (acid) is reacting with the bi-carb soda (base/alkaline) to create carbon dioxide (a gas).
  • Step 5Carefully remove the balloon from the bottle and tie a knot. This balloon is filled with carbon dioxide which is more dense than the air in the room. You will notice it feels slightly heavier than a regular balloon.
  • Step 6Blow up a second balloon to the same size and then drop the balloons at the same time from the same height. The carbon dioxide balloon will fall faster!

Materials used in this activity

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