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Construct your very own pyramid using only balsa sticks and chenille stems! 

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  • Step 1Lay your balsa sticks out in the shape of a pyramid. Use four sticks to create a square base and place another four in the centre in a cross shape.
  • Step 2Align two of the balsa sticks together to make a corner. Wrap a chenille stem three times around one stick, then wrap it around the other. Continue wrapping until the two sticks hold together to create an L shape.
  • Step 3Repeat step two again. Then using the same technique, join both ‘L’ shapes together to create the square base.
  • Step 4Use two sticks from the centre and join them using the same technique as step two. Then using another chenille stem join the other two sticks to either side to create the body of the pyramid.
  • Step 5Make sure the body of your pyramid fits within your square base.
  • Step 6To join the base and body use half a chenille stem. Wrap it around one corner once, then around the body stick, then over to the other side.
  • Step 7Repeat step six for each corner until the body and base are joined completely.
  • Step 8Use chenille stems to fill in the body of your pyramid by wrapping them around each of the four sticks as shown in the images above.

Materials used in this activity

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