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Jet Pack

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Discover a whole new world as you set off on your space adventure! Strap on your awesome jet pack and start imagining. There is no limit to the places you can go!

  • Step 1Tape three cardboard rolls together into a triangle and repeat with another three cylinders.
  • Step 2Wrap the cylinders in silver metallic paper making sure that one end is covered and the other end is left open. Tape the covered end into place.
  • Step 3Cut out a square from strong cardboard approximately 20cm x 20cm.
  • Step 4Cut four small slits into the edges of the square, two along the top at each end and two along the sides down the bottom.
  • You can make the slits using scissors or make lots of holes along the line using a large needle. Adult assistance required.
  • Step 6Cut two 50cm strips of calico for the jet pack straps.
  • You may like to finish the edges with stitching to prevent fraying or use some other type of strapping or ribbon.
  • Step 8Attach the straps to the slits in the cardboard square.
  • We stitched ours for a nice flat finish but you could also tie a knot or glue them.
  • Step 10Cut six strips of red crepe streamer 40cm each, six strips of orange 30cm and six strips of yellow 20cm.
  • Step 11Make two even groups of streamers and tape the top of each group.
  • Step 12Using masking tape, tape the streamers into a cylinder from each jet pack.
  • Step 13Glue the jet packs onto the cardboard square. Allow to dry. Then you are free to travel the world!

Materials used in this activity

Cardboard Squares - White - Pack of 100
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Crepe Streamers - Assorted - Set of 12 Colours
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Masking Tape - 24mm x 50m
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