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Attention gamers, video addicts and music gurus, we present to you our latest project, Gadgets! You won’t find these accessories at just any store. No siree! This project has the best accessories for all your electronics. Want to know why? Because every accessory lets you get hands-on so you can make it exactly suit your style!
Everything in the project Gadgets is ready and waiting for your imagination. Do you have headphones that need tidying? A Tablet without a stand to watch videos? Need a mobile phone stand to listen to all your sweet tunes? Don’t just do it with boring accessories, make them cool and super unique to you!
Our kid’s projects have everything you need to make and create your own accessories for displaying your must have gadgets and devices!

  • Wooden Tablet/Book Holder
  • Wooden Phone Holder X 2
  • Wooden Cord Tidy
  • Paint Tubs X 2
  • Glue Tube
  • Paint Brush
  • Permanent Marker
  • Instruction Booklet


$ 24.90 (inc GST) $ 22.64 (ex GST)

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