Ducks Away! Costume

by EmmaS on the 19th of June 2017

Gather your friends and create a team of ducks with this easy costume for Book Week! Based on the book Ducks Away! by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek, this is the perfect minimalist outfit for kids young and old!

What You'll Need:

Step One – Preparing the Cap

Before beginning, be sure to protect your work area and put down a splash mat or scrap paper first. Use the fabric paint to cover the top of the cap. It doesn’t matter if some yellow gets on the brim.

Step Two – Make a Template for the Brim

Press the brim of the hat flat onto a piece of paper and trace around it to create a template.

Step Three – Covering the Brim

Trace around your template onto orange felt and cut out. Repeat so you have 2 identical pieces, then glue one piece to the top of the brim and the other to the underneath. Allow to dry.

Step 4 – Adding the Eyes

Add character to your duck cap by finishing with some eyes! Cut 2 small circles from black felt and attach with glue. Allow to dry.

Your Duck Cap is now ready to wear!

Step 5 – Making the Feet Shapes

Create a simple duck foot template on paper, based on how big you would like your duck feet to be. Look to our design and follow a similar shape. Trace your template onto orange felt and cut the pieces out so that the end with the hole has a split as shown.

Step Six – Fastening the Feet

Cut a piece of elastic approximately 9cm, create a loop and tie off with a knot. Glue the knotted end of the elastic to the underside of one of the split ends as shown. On the topside of the opposite split end, use a needle and thread to carefully sew on a button.

Your duck feet are now ready to use! Simply put your ankles into the holes of the felt feet and secure by fastening the elastic loop over the button.

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