Australia Day

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Climbing Koala

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Create your very own climbing Koala toy and spend the afternoon watching Australia’s cutest (well we think so anyway!) marsupial spin around and around as it climbs up and down the tree!
  • Step 1Print the climbing koala template, then decorate 2 koalas using markers and cut them out. We recommend printing on cover paper as this provides a great surface for decorating. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors.
  • Step 2Cut 2 x 6cm pieces of armature wire and 1 x 40cm length.
  • Step 3Take 1 of the 6cm pieces and use the pliers to bend the end into a loop. Make sure this loop is wide enough to easily slip the long length of armature wire through. Create a similar loop on the other 6cm piece of wire.
  • Step 4Take the decorated koalas and lay one face down on the table. Use glue dots to attach the 2 x 6cm pieces of wire along the arm and leg of the koala so the loop is sticking out at the end of the hand and foot as shown. Make sure the loops are sitting up perpendicular to the table.
  • Step 5Add a couple more glue dots to the rest of the koala and then lay the second koala on top, decorated side facing up, aligning the koalas and sandwiching the wire pieces in between.
  • Step 6To create the tree, take the 40cm piece of wire and start to wrap it tightly around a marker until there is approximately 10cm remaining. Slide the coil off the marker and pull the ends away from each other to stretch it out slightly.
  • Step 7Use the 10cm that was left at the end of the coil to attach the wire to the wheel. The wheel will form the base of the tree. Use the pliers to fold the end over concertina style around 4-5 times then wedge it into the centre hole of the wheel. Make any necessary adjustments to the wire coil so that it is perpendicular to the wheel as shown.
  • Step 8Assemble the climbing koala by threading the wire loops at it’s hands and feet onto the top of the wire tree. Spin the koala to watch him climb down the tree!
  • Experiment with the tightness of your coil to make it harder or easier for the koala to climb the tree.

Materials used in this activity

Giotto Turbo Colour Maxi Markers Deskpack - Pack of 48
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EACH $43.99 (inc GST) $39.99 (ex GST)
6 or more $35.19 (inc GST) $31.99 (ex GST)          
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Armature Wire - 1.5mm x 175m
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3 or more $38.49 (inc GST) $34.99 (ex GST)          
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CleverPatch Glue Dots - Permanent - Pack of 300
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CleverPatch Cover Paper - White - A4 - Pack of 250
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Wooden Wheels & Axles - Pack of 30
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