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Windy Day Chimes

There are so many games you can play outside when the wind is blowing! You could fly a kite, play tug-a-war with your scarf or have leaf and paper aeroplane races! What about making a wind chime and listening to how the wind plays a tune?

This activity is perfect to use in conjunction with the book 'The Windy Day' written by Anna Milbourne, illustrated by Elena Temporin and published by Usborne Pub Ltd.

  • Step 1Lay out a line of shells and bottle tops approximately 20-30cm long.
  • Step 2Cut a piece of string to the length of your shells and then add an extra 10cm for tying.
  • Step 3Using wood glue or a hot glue gun, glue each shell and bottle top to the string. If you place the glue onto the objects it will be simpler to lay the string across the top of them and then leave them to dry.
  • Step 4Repeat with another 6 lengths of string.
  • You may like to vary the lengths of your string pieces.
  • Step 6Once dry, tie each string along the length of your stick.
  • Step 7To hang your wind chime, tie another piece of string to each end of your stick.

Materials used in this activity

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