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Beaded Ornaments

  • Step 1Begin by threading an assortment of beads onto approximately 50cm of beading wire. Make sure to leave 20mm of wire free from beads at the top and bottom.
  • It is easier to work in smaller sections when threading beads onto the beading wire. If your decoration requires more beaded wire, simply cut another length and repeat the step above.
  • Step 3Cut a length of armature wire, approximately 40cm long. Twist the beaded wire onto the armature wire, wrapping it around until the armature wire is covered in beads. Secure the beaded wire to the armature wire by twisting the wire free ends of the beaded wire in place.
  • Be sure to leave a small section of the armature wire bead-free to create a hanger hole when forming the shape of your decoration.
  • Step 5Bend the decorated armature wire into a tree or heart shape and create a loop on top using the bead-free part of the armature wire.
  • Step 6Cut a length of ribbon to create hanger. Thread the ribbon through the wire hole formed in the previous step and tie to secure.

Materials used in this activity

Beading Wire - Silver - 22 Metres
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