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Wind-Up Elf

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Do you want to create your very own Elf, like the one displayed on our 2019 Christmas Catalogue cover? Below are the steps on how we created him!
  • Step 7Add wiggle eyes and a smile to your Elf's face.
  • Step 8Attach the head to the body using a permanent glue dot. You may also need to create a collar if there is a gap between the body and head. Your Elf is now ready to run around!
  • Step 1Create a body around the Wind-Up Mechanism using red Paper Magiclay. Leave a small gap around the wind-up handle.
  • Step 2Create a glove by rolling out two small balls of Magiclay. Press one down flat and pinch a small section of the other to create a thumb. Then gently press the two together. Repeat this step to create a second glove.
  • Step 3Attach the gloves to red Magiclay to create arms, then attach them to either side of the body. Add two yellow buttons to the front of your Elf, making sure the mechanism is facing the correct way so he doesn’t walk backwards!
  • Step 4Scrunch up a piece of scrap paper so that it is wider than the Elf's body. Then wrap Magiclay around the paper to form a head.
  • Step 5Add Elf ears to either side of the head and smooth out the surface.
  • Step 6Create hair and a hat for your Elf. You may need to use a skewer to help cut out the shape of the star.

Materials used in this activity

Wooden Skewers
Product Code: 10014 Pack of 100
EACH $3.29 (inc GST) $2.99 (ex GST)
3 or more $2.19 (inc GST) $1.99 (ex GST)          
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CleverPatch Glue Dots - Permanent
Product Code: 15173 Pack of 300
EACH $14.29 (inc GST) $12.99 (ex GST)
10 or more $8.57 (inc GST) $7.79 (ex GST)          
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Product Code: 16477 Pack of 100
EACH $2.75 (inc GST) $2.50 (ex GST)
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Paper Magiclay - Candy Colours
Product Code: 18663 240g Pack
EACH $21.99 (inc GST) $19.99 (ex GST)
8 or more $17.59 (inc GST) $15.99 (ex GST)          
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Wind-Up Walking Mechanisms
Product Code: 18664 Pack of 10
EACH $21.99 (inc GST) $19.99 (ex GST)
10 to 19 $15.39 (inc GST) $13.99 (ex GST) 20 or more $10.99 (inc GST) $9.99 (ex GST)
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