CleverPatch Crafternoons

CleverPatch Crafternoons – Tissue Paper Pom Pom Koala

Celebrate one of Australia’s cutest native animals with your very own Tissue Pom Pom Koala! Brighten up any room or decorate for Australia Day with loads of different colour combinations.
  • Step 1Choose one colour of tissue paper and cut a large sheet in half then cut one of these halves in half again. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Lay the sheets on top of one another in a pile.
  • Step 2Take the short edge and create an approximately 5cm fold. Flip over and fold back the other way. Continue folding in this concertina method until it is all folded up.
  • Step 3Cut 1m of soft yarn wool and tie around the middle of the folded paper. Use scissors to round out both ends of the paper.
  • Step 4Pull the edges of the tissue paper around to open up the folds, creating a flower like shape. Starting on one side, take the top layer of tissue and carefully bring it upwards, fluffing it up and pulling it gently towards the middle.
  • Step 5Continue fluffing each layer of tissue upwards until one whole side is complete and then repeat on the other side. Once all the layers have been pulled up, hold it in your hands and fluff it carefully into a ball shape.
  • Step 6Hold the string and open the layers of tissue, then carefully insert a sheet of foam into the slot. Draw the shape of a koala ear onto the foam.
  • Step 7Cut out 2 of these ear shapes, then use a different coloured foam to create 2 smaller inner ear shapes. Secure together using glue dots.
  • Step 8Place glue dots down the straight, inner edge of the foam ear. Open the tissue ball as you did in step 6 and insert the ear, pressing the tissue paper onto the glue dots to hold in place. Repeat on the other side with the second ear so you now have what looks like a koala head!
  • Step 9Finish your koala by creating a face. Cut a nose shape from a foam sheet and attach to the front of the koala head using glue dots. Use glue dots to secure two wiggle eyes in place. Your koala is now ready to hang!

Materials used in this activity

Foam Sheets - Large - Pack of 10
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