DIY Commemoration Lantern

Recycle a milk carton to create this beautiful lantern to pay your respects this ANZAC Day. Place your lantern in your front garden or window and watch it glow!
  • Step 1Download and print the templates provided. Cut the top off a clean plastic milk carton. Adult supervision is recommended when using scissors. Roughly cut out around the templates so they will fit inside your milk carton easier. Place the templates inside the carton one at a time. You may need to use some sticky tape to hold them in place. Using a fine tip permanent marker, trace the template design onto your milk carton beginning with the first template. Remove the tape and template once you have finished tracing.
  • Step 2Repeat step 1 for the other 3 templates. We chose to move the sun so that it is rising over the hill however you can place the sun wherever you like. Allow to dry.
  • Step 3Colour in your carton using CleverPatch™ Glass & Porcelain markers. Allow to dry.
  • You could also use coloured permanent markers to add colour to your design.
  • Step 4You may wish to add text to your carton like we have using our fine tip marker.
  • Step 5Your DIY Commemoration Lantern is now ready to use. Place an LED Tealight into your lantern and watch it glow!
  • Only use a Battery LED Tealight for this project as it is not suitable for a naked flame.

Materials used in this activity

Student Scissors - Pack of 20
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