Father's Day

Dad is sure to love our awesome Father’s Day craft ideas. Make a handmade gift for dad this Fathers Day with our fantastic activities.

Stretchy Arm Cards

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This card allows you to show Dad just how much you love him. These stretchy arm cards are a cute and quirky gift card idea that you can adapt and personalise to be meaningful in your own way.

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  • Step 1Create 4 evenly spaced folds in your card as shown. It is important that these folds meet in equal proportions.
  • Step 2Flip your card over and press down on the folds so that the creases are crisp. Your card should sit in a portrait layout, with the middle strip of the card being a whole piece.
  • Step 3Use pencil to draw your design on the card while it is folded. This way you can be sure that all of the illustrations and words on your card sit in the right places.
  • Step 4Unfold your card and connect the gaps on the arms of your illustration.
  • Step 5Paint your design with bright colours. Allow to dry.
  • To create a skin tone colour, mix a touch of brown paint to white paint. Add more brown paint for a darker tone.
  • Step 7Paint the background of your card with watercolour paint. Allow to dry.
  • Step 8Finally, use a black fineliner to outline your design and write your message on the card.

Materials used in this activity

Cardboard Greeting Cards - White - Pack of 20
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