Mother's Day

Make Mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful handmade gift. Our craft ideas are sure to brighten Mum’s day and our step by step activities make it really easy to get crafty this Mother's day.

Mother's Day Papier Mache Flowerpot

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This lovely flowerpot is the perfect gift for Mum this Mother's day. Surprise her with a flowerpot to store jewellery in, pens or have as a keepsake.

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  • Step 1Sketch out your design onto a piece of paper before you start to decorate your flowerpot. Once you have a design, transfer it lightly onto your flowerpot using a pencil. Look to our designs for inspiration or you can come up with your own.
  • Step 2Paint your design onto your flowerpot using bright colours that mum will love. Allow to dry.
  • Step 3To create our cute footprint butterfly, borrow a little persons foot (or use your own if it’s not too big!), paint the bottom of the foot with your choice of paint, and stamp it (gently!) onto the flowerpot to create the butterfly’s wings. You could also use the side of your fist to create a miniature foot!. Allow paint to dry. Use a black marker to draw your butterfly’s body and antennae.
  • Step 4Use collage materials to add further decoration to your flowerpot. We used glitter and glue to create polka dots, as well as fabric flower petals and rhinestones to create 3D flowers.

Materials used in this activity

CleverPatch Junior PVA Glue - 250ml
Product Code: 10364
EACH $5.49 (inc GST) $4.99 (ex GST)
36 or more $3.29 (inc GST) $2.99 (ex GST)          
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Fabric Petals - 75g Pack
Product Code: 10796
EACH $14.29 (inc GST) $12.99 (ex GST)
4 or more $9.89 (inc GST) $8.99 (ex GST)          
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Product Code: 10805
EACH $27.49 (inc GST) $24.99 (ex GST)
3 or more $21.99 (inc GST) $19.99 (ex GST)          
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Papier Mache Flowerpot
Product Code: 12846
EACH $2.75 (inc GST) $2.50 (ex GST)
50 to 99 $2.20 (inc GST) $2.00 (ex GST) 100 or more $1.65 (inc GST) $1.50 (ex GST)
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CleverPatch Fine Glitter - 145g - Set of 10 Colours
Product Code: 15442
EACH $69.19 (inc GST) $62.90 (ex GST)
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