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Plaster Pencil Holder

These little holders make such a gorgeous and useful gift!

Search terms: plaster of paris, pencils, paper cup. 

  • Step 1Mix up an amount of plaster according to the instructions provided.
  • Step 2Fill your paper cups to about half full with the plaster and bump any air bubbles out by gently tapping the cup onto the table.
  • Step 3Allow the plaster to set for a minute or so depending on how thick you made it and then carefully push 3 fat pencils into the plaster making sure you do not hit the bottom of the cup.
  • Step 4Leave the pencils in for a minute or so and then once the plaster is set enough, turn the pencils around as you carefully pull them out.
  • If the holes start closing over push the pencils back in for a little bit longer.
  • Step 6Allow the plaster to set for at least 24 hours and then carefully tear the paper cup off.
  • Step 7Decorate with paint and your gorgeous gift is ready to give!

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