We love natural craft projects! Here are a few of our favourite creations using (and reusing!) natural craft materials...

Valentine's Seed Bomb

Create a nice and natural gift for your Valentine this year with these cute and simple seed bombs! Pop them in the garden and watch the seeds grow as your love grows for your sweetheart!
  • Step 1First you need to get your peat pellet prepared. Take one pellet and place it in a paper cup, then add some warm water so it sits approximately 3/4 of the way up the side of the peat pellet. We don’t want to add too much water as we don’t want the inside of the seed bomb to be too moist. Set aside to let the pellet absorb the water.
  • Step 2Pinch off a small ball of clay approximately 45g, or enough to make a ball roughly 3.5cm in diameter. Roll the clay into a ball and then use your thumbs and fingers to pinch into a small, round, bowl-like shape approximately 6.5cm in diameter.
  • Step 3By now your peat pellet should have absorbed the water, if not give it a little more time. Once the water is absorbed, remove the thin casing and fluff the soil up in the cup. Place a small pinch into the centre of the clay from step 2.
  • Step 4Open the Native Flower Seed Mix and place a small pinch of seeds on top of the soil in the middle of the clay. We don’t want too many seeds as they will crowd each other, but we don’t want too few in case not all of them germinate.
  • Step 5Add another smaller pinch of soil on top of the seeds and then fold the sides of the clay over the top. Gently pinch on the left side to close it over and remove any excess clay if needed. Do the same on the right side so the soil and seeds are now completely enclosed by the clay. Again, remove any excess clay as needed.
  • One of the reasons seed bombs can fail when planting is from being too large or having too much clay. The clay needs to break down in the environment to release the seeds so it’s best to keep the amount of clay used to a minimum.
  • Step 6Mould and smooth the clay so it becomes a round, flattish shape and then gently form it into the shape of a heart.
  • Step 7Use the Metal Alphabet Stamper Set to add a message onto the top of the heart while the clay is still wet.
  • Step 8Allow your seed bomb to dry completely and then it is ready to give to your Valentine!

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