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Painting and printing are great activities for creative development and fine motor skills. Here's some inspiration for your next painting activity!

DIY Puffy Paint

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This easy 3 ingredient DIY Puffy Paint will bring those artworks to life! Watch as the paint dries and hardens to stay raised off the page! A great sensory activity especially for children or adults alike who may be vision impaired.
  • Step 1Add one-part gloss finish to a paper cup. We are using approximately 1/3 of a paper cup.
  • Step 2Add 1 teaspoon of acrylic paint.
  • It might look quite pastel, but the paint will dry darker. Experiment with adding different amounts of paint to create different shades.
  • Step 3Stir the paint into the gloss finish until mixed evenly through.
  • Step 4Spray some shaving cream into a second paper cup. The shaving cream will expand so spray it into a separate cup first so we can measure the proportions correctly. Add one-part shaving cream to the coloured gloss finish - for us this means 1/3 of a cup.
  • Step 5Fold the shaving cream into the coloured gloss finish until it is fully combined.
  • Step 6Take the lid off the empty bottle and remove the safety plug, then pour the mixture carefully into the bottle.
  • This amount of paint will not fill the entire bottle (fills approximately 1 quarter). Adjust your quantities accordingly if you are planning on creating many or large artworks.
  • Step 7Mix up as many colours as you wish using different coloured acrylic paints.
  • Step 8It’s time to create your artworks! Apply the paint straight from the bottle or use brushes. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Materials used in this activity

Plastic Teaspoons - Pack of 100
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5 or more $3.07 (inc GST) $2.79 (ex GST)          
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CleverPatch Cover Paper - White - A4 - Pack of 250
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CleverPatch Gloss Finish - 240ml
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